Healthy People, Healthy Planet

cajeput The many benefits of essential oils cannot be obtained from artificial fragrances, but only from the complex natural constituents found in pure and natural essential oils distilled directly from healing plants. When you see the Blue Stone seal, you can be sure that inside you’ll find the goodness of genuine, high quality essential oils and other natural ingredients.

lemon Gentle on your body and gentle to the earth, we use no artificial additives, and all of our preparations are cruelty free and vegetarian.

We use no palm oil in any of our formulas due to its role in tropical deforestation and biodiversity loss.

Blue Stone Naturals are a healthy indulgence to be enjoyed with a light heart, a peaceful mind, and a radiant smile.

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“We love the healing products”
- Carol, Australia

“Thank you for this great product”
-Barbara, USA

“Love this stuff!”
-Puspa, Switzerland

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• No artificial additives

• Vegetarian

• Cruelty free

• No palm oil

Healthy People,
Healthy Planet™
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